Product Glossary

Accompaniment CD (Split)
With a mixing board, you can choose to use as much or as little of the vocal parts as you need, and you can route them to different speakers for different use. Many choirs use a certain amount of the track vocals only in the choir monitors so that they can hear the vocal parts, but the sound being picked up by the microphones above the choir is primarily the live singers. Split Trax are great for rehearsal, also, because you can use more of the vocals when learning the music and less of the vocals as you get closer to the presentation. For more information on using Split Trax accompaniment recordings in your church, contact your Lillenas Music Specialist at 800-363-2122.


Accompaniment CD (Stereo)
Occasionally, physical Stereo Trax are available for purchase. A Stereo Trax accompaniment recording contains the full instrumental only recording, playable on any audio system, large or small. 


Accompaniment Trax (Download)
There are two types of downloadable accompaniment tracks. The Accompaniment track (Split-Channel) contain full instrumental and vocal MP3 files. The Stereo Accompaniment Tracks contains the full instrumental only MP3 files. The downloadable versions do not contain seperated rehearsal points.


Accompaniment DVD/Video

An Accompaniment DVD/Video contains video and audio to be used during the performance of the musical. Multiple track options (usually split, stereo, and click) are available on each DVD for flexibility in performance options. The content will vary from musical to musical, so be sure to read the description to determine what features are included. Accompaniment DVD performance tracks may contain a narrations version. If you have questions about what content is included for a particular title, please contact your Lillenas Music Specialist at 800-363-2122




A single song, arranged for choir, usually SATB with piano accompaniment and sized 6-7/8" x 10-1/4". Also called an "octavo." Anthems are usually accompanied by a ChoralTrax Accompaniment CD, Orchestration, and Stem Mixes.



Bulk CDs (pkg. 10)

More economical bulk packages of recordings for selected musicals and collections are available. These are complete recordings of the entire work, but without the hard plastic packaging and graphics. CDs are packaged in Tyvek sleeves and boxed 10 CDs to a pak. If you find a musical that does not specifically list a bulk package, please contact your Lillenas Music Specialist at 800-363-2122. *For a downloadable option, please see Listening Trax (Downloadable).



Choral Book

A collection or musical, also called a “cantata”, with multiple songs in one 6-7/8 x 10-1/4" book. Choral Books can have many associated materials - check the “Available Products” section for details



CD Preview Pack

See "Preview Pack"




This term is used for materials that we publish that are teaching tools, not primarily made up of song arrangements.



Downloadable Accompaniment Video Files

Contains stunning graphic and lyric videos for your choir or kids choir to follow along to. These can be used during your service as well for the cogregation to use.  


You may think of a hymnal as the book that sits in the pew, but there's much, much more to a hymnal product! Visit the Hymnals section of and select a hymnal to view for more details on all the features of available products.



Instructional Video/DVD

Instructional video/DVDs feature a full demo performance by a carefully selected premiere choir, as well as helpful staging ideas and detailed choreography instruction.


Instrumental Books
Lillenas Music offers various different instrumental resources that can be played with a mix of players, but includes everything the large orchestra needs. These books include instrumental hymn arrangements, solo and duet collections, small ensembles, guitar, and handbells. 



Keyboard Folios

These keyboard resources include: organ solos, piano-organ duets, duets for piano, duets for two keyboards, wedding day classics, and seasonal contemporary piano arrangements. 



Listening CD

The listening recording is a companion to a choral book, piano book or other printed music. Unless otherwise noted, listening recordings feature the complete instrumentation and vocals (also called a "Full Mix" or "Complete Mix,") and include every song and every word of dialogue listed in the book.



Listening Trax (Download)

This is the same audio as the listening CD, just downloadable. When bought in quantities of ten (10), the price is the same as the 10-Pack Bulk CDs.



See "Anthem"




Our accomanipment orchestrations are designed to allow orchestras to accompany choirs. Most recent titles are provided in .pdf format and delivered on bookmarked CD-ROM, so that you can print out the copies you need and will never again lose a single part! Downloadable orchestrations are also available. 


Organ Folio 

Varying in skill level, these 9" x 12" books include several arrangements for organ. For more details, visit the keyboard section of


Piano Folio
Varying in skill level, these 9" x 12" books include several arrangements for piano. Many have associated recordings and may include duets with piano or other solo instruments. For more details, visit the keyboard section of


Praise Band Charts
When a choral arrangement warrants it, instead of (or in addition to) publishing an orchestration, we will publish praise band charts. Generally, they are the same, high quality engraved 8-1/2" x 11" pages that you expect, but these charts do not include string parts and may use a smaller set of brass. Newer titles are available in .pdf format on CD-ROM.


Preview Pack

For every musical and collection, we create a preview pack. Unless otherwise noted in the description, preview packs contain the actual choral book and a listening CD with the complete recording for the entire book. The preview pak is a convenient way for a music minister to listen and look through a musical in its entirety without having to pay for a completely packaged book and recording.

For musicals with an Accompaniment DVD, we provide a DVD Preview Pak. In addition to the choral book and listening CD, this pak includes a full DVD with the demo mix audio along with the actual video giving you a complete preview of the video presentation that accompanies the musical.

*a "for promotional use only" watermark is on this demo version only

*Because they are sold at a discount, Preview Packs are non-returnable and may only be sold one to a church.


Rehearsal Trax
Created for most musicals and some collections, Rehearsal Trax are a great way to teach individual voice parts to choir members.

Each package of trax includes four recordings - Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. The individual voice part is enhanced in each of the four mixes to make it easy for your choir to learn their respective parts. These trax are meant to be duplicated for individual choir members for rehearsal purposes.

Please note: purchasing the Rehearsal Trax package does not automatically grant you permission to make copies of the recordings. Your purchase price covers the initial cost of creating the Rehearsal Trax masters. There is an additional per-tape or per-CD charge based on the number of songs in the musical (usually between $1.00 and $2.25 per duplicated recording) printed on a form that comes in the package.

Duplication of these tapes and CDs are not covered by your CCLI license.


Split/Stereo Trax

A Split/Stereo accompaniment recording contains the entire musical or collection twice: once in Split Trax format, once in Stereo Trax format. See the two individual definitions for information on the two recording styles.

The Accompaniment Trax (Split) contains the full instrumental and vocals MP3 files. The Accompaniment Trax (Stereo) contains the full instrumental only MP3 files. Both versions can be downloaded for immediate use. The downloadable versions do not include separated rehearsal points.


Stem Mixes

Stem Mixes are the audio files for each section of a recorded orchestra. For pieces that we record, we separate each instrument section into .wav files and provide them on a disc for you. This is helpful when filling in an orchestra that may be missing parts, building an orchestra from scratch, or using only specific sections of the recording for performances. Stem Mixes are to be used in Digital Audio software such as Garage Band, Audacity, LogicPro, ProTools, etc.


Worship Charts / Word Praise Terms:


Only the lyrics and Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass vocal parts.  Customers must purchase one copy for each person using this music.


SAT Only
Only the lyrics and Soprano, Alto, and Tenor vocal parts.  Customers must purchase one copy for each person using this music


Core Rhythm Charts

Core rhythm parts. This typically includes a worship planning page (scripture references, related topics, etc.), lyric sheet, master rhythm (guitar, drum set, bass guitar), lead sheet, congregational pages, percussion, and synthesizer. All core rhythm charts come in two congregationally friendly keys. This resource does not include vocal parts.



Full Orchestration 

Full orchestrations include a conductor's score, alto sax, tenor sax/baritone T.C., trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone sax, violin, viola, C bass, master rhythm (guitar, drum set, bass guitar), synthesizer, and percussion. This resource does not include vocal parts. Customers who purchase the full orchestration DO NOT need to purchase the praise band package but WILL need to purchase the core rhythm charts to receive the worship planning page (scripture references, related topics, etc.), lyric sheet, lead sheet, and congregational pages.


Rhythm Chart

Provides rhythms and chords. There are limited lead lines. Lyrics are not included.



Lead Sheet

Includes melody line, lyrics, and chord charts.  Customers must purchase one copy for everyone using this music.


Includes the piano part, chords, lyrics, and SATB vocal music.  Customers must purchase one copy for each person using this music.