Product Copyright Rules

We are excited to offer more and more downloadable content than ever on However, it's important for you to follow applicable copyright laws in order to preserve our ability to continue to offer quality music ministry resources for you and everyone. Here is a quick quide to following copyright laws when purchasing and distributing this content. 


Downloadable Sheet Music: 

When purchasing downloadable sheet music such as anthems, lead sheets, choral books, rhythm charts, and other forms of digital sheet music, a message will be displayed when you click the quantity box to order. This message will ask you to enter the number of copies you plan to make of the item you are purchasing. You must enter the total number of copies you plan to distribute, including email distribution. The total number of copies you have made or distributed, including via email, should always equal the cumulative quantity you have purchased of that item as reflected in the order history. 


Downloadable Audio Files:

Observe the same rules that you do for downloadable sheet music. 


Downloadable Orchestrations:

The ONLY EXCEPTION to this downloadable sheet music copyright rule is when you are purchasing an orchestration. When purchasing an orchestration, you will not receive the message asking you to enter the number of copies you plan to make, and you may make as many copies of each instrumental part as you need to accomadate your performing ensemble. 


Thank you for partnering with Lillenas Music ans respecting copyright law, thus preserving the livelihoods of the publishers, writers, and arrangers who work hard to provide these worship-enhancing resources. If you have any questions, please contact a Lillenas Music reprentative at 800-363-2122.