Clip Art

Lillenas Music is pleased to provide clip art for all adult, kids, and youth musicals. Your church can use this art to create its own personalized publicity materials that you need to promote your musical productions. 



Where do I find Clip Art on your Website?

To find clip art, simply go to the product page of your desired title/musical and download it from the "Clip Art" tab at the bottom of the page. Click the file name of the clip art that you want to download and the image will automatically download to your brower/computer



Is Clip Art Free?

These images are intended to be royalty free! This means you have permission for unlimited use of these images on not-for-sale publicity materials (i.e. newsletters, fliers, banners, etc). However, we do ask that you only use these images for promoting a live performance of a Lillenas Music Musical. If you are creating your own musical or program or creating a recording, whether for sale or giveaway, please view our Copyright & Licensing page for more details. 



There isn't clip art for my musical...where is it?

If the musical was published before 2000, it is highly likely that we do not have the clip art for the musical. If you would like to check with us to be sure, please call us at 800-363-2122.



Can I scan and use artwork from a Choral Book?

If you have one of our choral books and would like to scan or copy the art for your use, you may do so with the same restrictions as above (only to promote a live performance of the entire work). You may use the images on not-for-sale materials to promote your performance of the corresponding Lillenas musical. 

For more information on obtaining copyright permission for non-musical items, consult our Copyright & Licensing page.